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New Holland Black Hatter

New Holland put out some variations of the Mad Hatter, and they’re 5 bucks for a 22oz bottle at my usual beer stop.  (You know where I mean, Aili, get them while they’re still there!)  I got the Black Hatter and Shaun got the Rye Hatter.  It was nearly black in appearance, but didn’t pour as thick as a stout or porter would.  I had about a centimeter of light tan head with some lace that retained as I drank it.  The aroma was mostly hops; the flavor was where they really got their combination right.  There was the usual hops bite at the front of the sip, but after that really great roasty malt flavors and just a little sweetness.  Afterwards, the bitter pale ale taste was what stuck around.  I would recommend this to anyone already looking for a good pale ale.  Don’t expect anything too malty, but just enough to give you an interesting brew.