Dragonmead’s Dead Monk Abbey Ale and Honey Porter

My goal is to be able to post more reviews, like books and movies, on my blog, but I guess I just keep drinking!

Andrew and I went to Dragonmead last night, which is always a treat.  I can’t recommend this place enough, they have around 30 rotating taps that are seriously ALL good.  I ordered Crown Jewels IPA at first, but they were out, so I got the Dead Monk Ale.  It’s a light pinkish-amber with a thin head, and I just love how beer looks in goblets anyway.  Complex flavor, but I could have tolerated more bitterness.  This was on the sweet side, fruity, and I’ve heard some say they taste bubblegum which I guess I agree with after thinking about it, as weird as that sounds. 

Next I had the Honey Porter.  I liked it, but again, on the sweet side.  It was nitrogen-dispensed, so super super foamy and low carbonation.  The honey taste was pretty overpowering, I would have preferred a more translucent sweetness.  Overall, though, it’s a good, drinkable porter.